Kuretake Maki-e Brush: Story Edition Rabbits

Carrying on with some more maki-e, this came in the same shipment as last week’s Platinum Standard: my very first brush pen! It came packaged in a beautiful light wooden case with some rice paper and 3 cartridges of sumi ink, and had a little booklet which explained how to care for the brush. The... Continue Reading →

Platinum Standard Maki-e: Cranes with Mt. Fuji

Maki-e and a springy 18k gold nib for less than $100? Yes please! Okay, I have to admit, I got it on sale. Still, Platinum’s “Standard” line actually encompasses three different model numbers (PTL-12000, PTL-15000 and PTL-20000), but I cannot tell what the differences are. Mine is from the 12000 line and the design is called... Continue Reading →

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