Lamy 2000

It took me years to push myself to get around to buying one. The classic Bauhaus design. It's a standard in any collection, yes, but I never had one, nor did I ever feel a great attraction to the 2000. I can't explain why: I am impressed by the machining, and the really comfortable feel... Continue Reading →

Pelikan 400 Black Striped (1950s)

This is the last Pelikan I bought: A very classic design It’s instantly recognisable as a Pelikan of some sort, but with a few unusual features. There is no decorative metal band on the piston, and the whole pen looks plain black... but what’s this? With the piston half-extended, showing that the stripes go all... Continue Reading →

Omas Ogiva demonstrator

An eBay find. I am not proud of the amount I paid for this. A beauty? The secondary pen market has undergone quite a bit of inflation since the hobby’s resurgence in the public eye, and it sometimes feels to me like there’s quite a bit of speculation at the higher end of things. I... Continue Reading →

Montblanc Meisterstück 144

Another hand-me-down Montblanc. I wouldn’t go quite as far as to call this a priceless family heirloom, but it is pretty good. My dad’s, from the 80s. My main gripe with Montblanc is that their modern nibs are soulless and lacking in character. This pen, however, being my father’s, does not suffer from that problem,... Continue Reading →

Sailor Pro Gear demonstrator

Swamped by the glut of Pro Gear special editions the West is becoming slowly aware of, it is easy to forget the really basic colours. Forget black and gold, though, because the real test of a company’s manufacturing process is the demonstrator: Like glass. It is a test that I think Sailor passes with flying... Continue Reading →

Franklin-Christoph 31, customised…

Looking through my spreadsheet gives me a rough date of purchase for this pen (mid-2019), though I can’t seem to find a source. It could’ve been Reddit, or a Discord sale. Anyway, I was attracted by the colour and had missed the original Kickstarter, so I put down some money for it: Spicy! The material... Continue Reading →

Sailor × Pent Realo Tenku-Souzou

This was found on eBay for roughly half the recommended retail, so how could I say no? Besides, I had never tried a Realo before. This is modelled on the 1911 Large. Sailor’s Realos are piston-fillers based on the full-size models, and this was essentially a 1911L demonstrator with a few tweaks. Rose-gold trim already... Continue Reading →

Woodshed Pen Company custom pen

Introducing my second custom pen, or the first that’s 100% up to the maker: House style! I saw this pen on Instagram after getting curious about pen turning. I’d already bought another custom pen before, but that was modelled on a Pilot 74, and this was simply a combination of material and shape that I... Continue Reading →

Pilot Décimo Metallic Pink LE (2019)

I break my long hiatus to talk about the last pen I bought during my Itoya visit. Sleek and understated. There's something to be said about how frequently Pilot releases limited-edition VP models. Even more than the yearly international release, there are always VPs and Décimos for all sorts of reasons: store exclusives, pen shows,... Continue Reading →

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