Platinum 3776 Century Laurel Green

Well, in Itoya, you have to buy pens. Why would anyone go to Itoya if not to buy pens? It was either this or another Pro Gear Slim... At this point (March 2019), the Laurel Green had just been announced together with the Chenonceau White. I had liked the look of the green material, which... Continue Reading →

Sailor Shikiori (Tsukuyu-no-Minamo) Yodaki

March 2019 found me in Itoya Ginza, and I, having gone there with the express purpose of getting myself a set of the 100th Anniversary Iroshizuku inks, found myself stopping short at a very unassuming pen display. Sweet! This was clearly a budget-ish layout: an acrylic rack with punch-out holes, and these Procolor-shaped little things... Continue Reading →

Omas Ogiva Arco Bronze

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I decided to stop at that table. Here we go: What a beauty. This was March 2019. The typical London pen show fare was on display: lots of new releases, many many tables of vintage stuff, and some incredibly high-end pens on display at Sarj Minhas’s... Continue Reading →

The Sailor Naginata-togi Nib

Since Sailor doesn’t sell loose nibs, I had to buy a whole pen. It’s nothing special on the outside, just a regular 1911L really.But this unassuming exterior hides one of Yukio Nagahara’s nibs. Yukio, son of the legendary nibmeister Nobuyoshi, carries the knowledge of his father’s inventions with him. (He has now left Sailor to... Continue Reading →

Pilot Myu

To those who have laid eyes upon it, the legend needs no introduction: The Pilot Myu gains its 100% deserved reputation with its rarity (i.e., not very, or not too much so) and its quality. Made from steel all over, it has the polished-chrome look of last-century modernism, and its slim, tapered profile definitely harbours... Continue Reading →

Pilot Long/Short

A cheaper, lighter companion to my Myu: These pocket pens were all the rage in Japan in the 70s, with the Big Three well-represented in the range and variety of models sold. Richard Binder talks more about them here, including a lovely discussion about nib material (steel on mine, gold easily available at all sorts... Continue Reading →

PenBBS 456

This pen was everything I hoped that the TWSBI Vac would be. I’ve officially given up on repeatedly buying parts for my Vac 700. Priced similarly to the Eco — and lower than the Vac — there’s literally no reason to go for one of those since the PenBBS 456 exists (and if you want... Continue Reading →

PenBBS 323

I bought this because I wanted a pen in this material, that’s all. I missed out on some other models in PenBBS’s Galaxy acrylic, and this was the next thing that was available. And so:  I’ve ended up really liking this pen a lot, not just because of the material, but because the subtle curves... Continue Reading →

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