Sailor 1911 Large Demonstrator

...It's harder to take photos of this pen than I anticipated. But how beautiful is this? I tried out my first Sailor at the now-defunct Penfriend on Fleet Street (yes, that Fleet Street) in London. It was the smaller 1911 Standard, with a 14k nib, but it was also the demonstrator. Having read so much about... Continue Reading →

FPR Indus Demonstrator

Right back to the whole point of this blog: an addiction to flex! The humble India-based FPR offers a cheap pens to rival Noodler’s. FPR also has Pen of the Week deals where a pen in question is heavily discounted. I found out later that the Indus sells for as low as $15 when that happens, and... Continue Reading →


Due to illness this week I haven’t been able to get around to writing a review. I’ll get back on track next week with the FPR Indus demonstrator; meanwhile, enjoy a photo of two pens I haven’t posted about! RIP Derek Walcott: another master passes on. (Fabriano EcoQua A5; TWSBI 580AL Pink with Mabie Todd... Continue Reading →

Pelikan M400 Souverän Green-striped

And now for something immensely classic: The M400 has been around in various incarnations since 1982, superseding the old 400 variants. It is also the first pen to use the M designation, with Pelikan revamping its lines over the next few years to include a range of sizes, as well as rollerballs (R), ballpoints (K),... Continue Reading →

Pilot Kakuno

Here’s what I call my “banana pen”! One might easily consider this the Metro’s baby brother. Made of plastic and available in pastel-and-white or solid colour-and-dark grey, it is obviously aimed at children, with an ergonomic hexagonal shape, holes in the cap (so breathing is possible even if accidentally swallowed) and a really durable nib.... Continue Reading →

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