Namiki Vanishing Point Raden Galaxy

I’ve wanted one for ages. I was saving up for a really special Capless and came across the Mitsukoshi LE Décimo, so I was satisfied for a while, but then this came up on eBay with a price I couldn’t pass up. And so:  This is the older version, with smaller sparkles away from the... Continue Reading →

Nagasawa Penstyle Proske Demonstrator (Sailor 1911 Standard)

Under £120 ($157) for two Kobe inks and a store-exclusive Sailor is a deal that really shouldn’t be passed up. The Kobe inks (at 61!) cover far wider ground than most other premium lines, and are far more consistent across the whole range than all makers.  What you get for your money (after taking away the price... Continue Reading →

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