Pelikan M620 New York

After getting the Grand Place and Piccadilly Circus pens from Pelikan’s M620 Cities series, I had my sights set on the soft stripey blues of the Place de la Concorde. But then this turned up:

Chunky black-and-white look.

Emulating the chunky celluloids of an earlier era, this barrel material is pretty unique for Pelikan. I’d always appreciated the white caps and knobs of their more colorful offerings, and so it was natural that I would have my head turned by this. It gets even better, though, since the section is black, and so the pen looks like it’s a colour dither:

Almost like a chunky colour fade.

The nib is 18k, as is typical for the M6xx special editions. This came in a medium, which I ground to a rather crisp extra-fine cursive italic.

Notice the slight blue tinge in the white cap.

The nib itself is excellent, and as usual for Pelikan, very firm. (I don’t consider this a nail, though some might.) It screws out and is swappable for a regular 14k nib from the M600 or M400 sizes, or even the M200 steels if you so desire. 

It’s certainly a wet nib, though, and wrote so big at first I couldn’t not grind it; it was simply too big for my handwriting. Anyway, here’s what it writes like now:

Crisp and tasty. 

Here’s another writing sample: a review of Pilot Iroshizuku Hoteison (from the 100th Anniversary release).

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Part 6 of 7: Hoteison 布袋尊 This is the other really new colour from Pilot: a green so deep it looks black. It's possible to describe it as a "warm" black, though it definitely has enough saturation to qualify as green. The shading is great, even in a nib as fine as this EF cursive italic grind, and there's just a hint of sheen — icing on the cake, really! The pen originally contained Take-sumi until two days before my Itoya trip, when I cleaned it out eagerly to await this superb shade. It's an M620 New York from Pelikan's Cities series, and I affectionately call it the "cow pen". #fountainpens #fpgeeks #penandink #matchymatchy #black #white #green #pilot #iroshizuku #hoteison #100thanniversary #limitededition #pelikan #m620 #newyork #cities #grind #ink #review #itoya #japan

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