Omas Dama Arco Bronze

Pocket pen time:

I’m not just reusing last weeks photo, I promise.

I happened across this pen at the October 2017 London Pen Show, and had the poor sense to haggle. So it came home with me, and I found it to be even littler than my other Dama.

It’s properly pocket-sized, and weighs almost nothing. Very compact in the hand, and I can find it almost too light sometimes. However, the nib’s wetness and the super-smooth flow make up for that.

Writing sample to follow.

The material, already covered at length elsewhere on this journal, gleams under light, and the arrow imprint on the nib really accentuates the subtle lines of Arco Bronze.

Close-up of cap and nib.

It’s definitely cute enough for fans of small pens, and the writing is fantastic, so what’s not to love? Only that they are hard to find and command a premium these days…

It really glides across paper.

I got this to go with the Paragon, and they look fantastic together.

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