Omas Paragon (Old) Arco Bronze

There’s something to be said about how attention-grabbing this pen is:

Breathtaking, honestly.

Not in a loud way, either, unlike some of the other companies around (Montblanc and Visconti), but with a very dependable Omas warmth. The celluloid definitely deserves all its hype, and some of the custom pens others have made from them look absolutely incredible.

Close-up of some fabulous Arco Bronze. Look at the screw threads on the left!

There’s also a fine line between attention-grabbing and vulgar, though, and this series of Omas pens treads well away from that territory. For example, I don’t appreciate the ASC pens, which (in my opinion) take the flaws of the newer Paragon and go even further with them. 

Omas’s greek key band and roller clip are old dependable additions, and very tastefully sit within the colours already present in the celluloid. The only contrasting colour is found on the two-tone 18k nib: 

Close-up of the nib, with arrow imprint and two-tone details.

The pen is much lighter than its newer remake, on par with (or just a hair lighter than) the Pelikan M600 series, and sports a juicy nib and feed. In usual fashion, mine is now an extra fine, because I found the stock medium nib simply too broad for my normal handwriting. With a pen like this, I want to use it more than just occasionally, you know?

Similarly to other Omas piston-fillers, I would not recommend taking it apart. This one in particular has a body that is built very slightly differently from the other Omas pens I’ve owned, and taking it apart (à la my Milords or even the larger Colombo II) resulted in some sweaty moments. 

Another thing to avoid doing, with pens like these, is over-tightening the screws: several people have reported their facets not lining up after a while. This problem can affect the knob end as well, if one isn’t careful.


Simply fantastic.

By all means, grab one (in any size) if you can find them on the market! I think Omas make the finest Italian nibs out there, and I’ve very recently managed to snag a loose nib from eBay, which will sit in another pen as a massive upgrade. 

To end, why not another photo?

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