Pilot Vanishing Point Moonlight LE (2018)

Now this is a finish worthy of its rarity!

Speckled/pearlescent with swirls, too.

The Moonlight was a limited Japanese release of 2018, and came paired with Tsuki-yo in a special box. I can’t find any other information about it, whether it’s a limited-time run or a limited number of them. There’s another this year, the Deep Sea, which came with Shin-kai. I hope Pilot do special editions for each of the (regular) Iroshizuku inks, because I know there’s a few I’d definitely buy…

Close up of the barrel finish.

It’s a swirly grey, ranging from a shade darker than white to a deep off-black: basically what the moon looks like on a clear night. There’s also a subtle sparkle or pearlescence in the material, which is difficult to capture. It’s genuinely incredible under bright light.

The nib unit, as with all Vanishing Point models, is easily swappable and takes the smaller Pilot converters. I stuck a CON-40 in mine, but only after removing the small metal balls and the other thing inside, so it’s just an old-style CON-50 with slightly worse suction. I like it better that way.

Standard innards, with improved CON-40.

My Moonlight came with an 18k rhodium-plated fine, and writes with absolutely no problems. That’s what I love most about Pilot: how unfussy the nibs are, and how easily and reliably they work. I’m happy with the F, and the M is just a little too big for my taste, though I might order a future VP just to grind the nib down myself.

The pen itself is standard VP weight: pretty hefty at 30g, but comfortably balanced. I have no problems with the clip positioning, but as usual with the modern Capless units, that is very much a matter of personal preference.

Consistently excellent.

These versions pop up on eBay from time to time, so if you want one, be sure to keep an eye out for them!

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