Omas Cristoforo Colombo II

After the previous Omas purchase (the brown Milord) I was so happy with the brand I started looking around for more of them. Thus — 

Some good hard wood.

Rare stuff on r/pen_swap usually gets snapped up pretty quickly, so I was lucky to chance upon a post just 40 minutes after it was put up. It arrived less than a week later, which is far sooner than Im used to waiting for pens!

And what a beauty:

The first box photo on this blog!

Made to commemorate the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s journey across gthe Atlantic, the little OMAS booklet explains that the shape of the box imitates the hull section of the ship. The interior of the box is handcrafted too, and is made of a soft leather. There’s also a brass plate in the inside of the cover, with a naval logo.

Christopher Columbus Naval School II.

As with everything Italian in this hobby, there’s plenty of attention to design and detail here. But what about the pen itself?

Close up of gold banding and the Greek arrow on the nib.

The pen is a very light piston-filler, with 12 facets in classic Omas style. I’ve read of some people having tarnishing issues with the band on the section due to where they hold the pen, but the majority of Omas owners seem to have no problem with it. The one gripe I have about the design is the tightness of the clip — while it’s normally a good thing, there is a scuff on the wood where it rubs a little too closely to the cap.

The nib is my first modern Omas nib, since my Milord had a vintage Extra nib from the 40s. It lives up to the other Omas nibs I’ve had the pleasure of trying: firm but not nail-like, it writes with a really juicy line. The medium is very smooth, and shading and sheening inks display their traits wonderfully from this.

It came filled with Pelikan Edelstein Topaz, which I used for this review.

This might have swayed me to like turquoise inks…

I did find the medium too large for me, though, since my handwriting tends to be on the very small side. I decided to refine the line width into an extra fine, which you can see below in the photo.

I’m really happy with this pen, and have brought it around with me since it arrived on Wednesday. If a pen makes you find excuses to write in your spare time, it’s definitely a good thing!

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