Platinum Plaisir

I picked one of these up on my Christmas trip to Singapore. It cost me S$17 (just under £10), and definitely packs a punch!

Classy package.

It’s solidly built, despite its very light weight. It also comes in an incredible range of colours, from all colours in the rainbow to pink, white, black, silver and gold. There are also special-release colours. This feels like Platinum’s answer to the Pilot Metropolitan, and I’m happy to report a real success!

Platinum don’t have the pockets to compete with Pilot in terms of marketing, but they’ve produced a pen that feels as dependent as the Metro. Let’s dig a little deeper:

At a price like this, it’s clear that Platinum are gunning for the starter market. The Preppys, though of clear quality, look just a little too disposable; I haven’t reviewed them because of this fact, though I own four of them. The Plaisir looks sleek and the body has a smooth, shiny feel. It’s clearly a pen meant to be kept around, though it will take knocks — I’ve had it in my coat pocket for the past week, where it’s shared space with coins, earplugs, an assortment of candy and some pencils.

The section and nib come right out of a Preppy assembly, and can be screwed into the Preppy body. That means that the pen is a cartridge/converter type pen, and takes Platinum’s proprietary cartridges or their converters. You can even be ridiculous and buy one of their maki-e converters, just to make the converter more expensive than the pen.

No fuss at all.

I actually really like the way the feed looks in the clear section. It’s a very different design from Pilot’s basic pens, and the nib looks like it could be slipped off the pen to be swapped, though I haven’t tried. (The same nib design applies to the gold-nibbed Platinum Standard, though the nibs are differently-sized.)

The cap is really secure and boasts Platinum’s airtight slip-and-seal inner cap. I still have Preppys that write after two years of being abandoned in the drawer, so I’m not afraid that this pen will dry out even if I forget about it. The clip is not as tight as that on the Metro, though, so it does fall out of shirt pockets if jostled.

As for the nib: what a pleasant surprise!

Super smooth!

I found the nibs on the two Plaisirs I used far more consistent than on the Preppys. Perhaps Platinum manufactures them to a tighter tolerance for this slightly higher-end pen, or maybe I just got lucky on these — either way, they’re very smooth. Far smoother than any of the other Japanese pens I own, in fact, with much less feedback in general. But the firmness is great in contrast to the Standard, and in fact, the Plaisir nib is harder than that on the Metro/Kakuno.

If you want an inexpensive pen to sacrifice to Baystate Blue while looking classy, here is your answer! I do think this nib better than any of the stock TWSBIs I’ve written with, for example, and it just pips the Metro in terms of price. I can’t recommend these enough, especially as really good-looking gifts!


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