Namiki Vanishing Point Raden Galaxy

I’ve wanted one for ages. I was saving up for a really special Capless and came across the Mitsukoshi LE Décimo, so I was satisfied for a while, but then this came up on eBay with a price I couldn’t pass up. And so: 

My goodness is it shiny.

This is the older version, with smaller sparkles away from the centre band. Newer models have a similar decrease in size, but feature chunkier pieces of abalone shell over and tail off at a larger size. This one positively shimmers, with the colours going through their green-blue-pink-purple cycle as they catch the light at different angles.

The pen itself is straightforward and identical with other Capless models, unscrewing from the centre to reveal a converter/cartridge + nib unit set-up.

Top: body, unscrewed; bottom: nib unit and CON-50 converter.

The nib unit takes Pilot cartridges and CON-20, 40 and 50 models, which results in a maximum capacity of about 0.9ml if you refill your cartridges. I currently have a CON-50 (with agitator) in this, and a CON-40 (with beads) in my Décimo, because I like the extra sound they give. It’s definitely not for everyone though, and you can remove the agitators from both converters quite easily.

How I hold my VP.

As usual with Pilot’s Capless models, there will always be debate over the clip and whether it gets in the way of writing. Above is how I hold my pen; the clip on the larger Vanishing Point has a slight curve so it fits the thumb and index more snugly. I do not find it intrusive at all, and will very happily use this for hours.

The nib itself is a 14k yellow gold nib (branded NAMIKI), though I am aware there are models that come in the 18k rhodium-plated PILOT version. There is quite a lot of bounce to it, though it definitely isn’t meant to flex. For such a small nib, it’s definitely not a nail. The feed back is pleasant: not too much, just enough over the general smoothness of the writing experience to help you know exactly where the point is. Either way, if the stock nib isn’t to taste, it’s easily swappable, and you can fit anything you want in there! I didn’t like the medium that I bought, so I filed it down into a fine.

Writing with this pen is always a pleasure.

It’s fun, and the clicky action gives this pen an incredible level of convenience! I would bring it around more if it had a more normal finish, but as it is, it stays at home within easy reach, and I call on it very frequently to do all sorts of tasks. More writing samples below:

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