Lamy LX

Well… I think it’s pretty certain Lamy wasted their anniversary celebrations. 

I still ended up with two though.

The slightly-darker “black amber” Lamy 2000 did not appeal to many, the Scala has never really been on the radar, and the LX generated some excitement for a while but ultimately disappointed when it became clear the new nib design was merely another plating on a steel nib. At the price point the LX was offered at, a gold nib would have made it competitive with Japanese offerings, but all we got in the end was a shinier Al-Star.

The four colours the LX comes in also remind me of an iPhone commercial…

The pens are cartridge/converter pens, as usual, and feature the triangular corrective grip. The caps snap shut, the clips still look like big paper clips (though plated in precious metals that’s where the money goes I suppose) and the nibs are swappable

I think I’ve actually downgraded my LX…

I actually swapped out the black M on my palladium LX to fit a 1.1mm stub, only to find that the colour is slightly lighter than the palladium plating. That aside, the swapping process was smooth and went off without a hitch; the nib sits firmly, being just about loose enough to slide off easily. The feeds are easy to remove for cleaning, though I don’t do that at all. 

The nibs feel slightly firmer to me, though I’m not sure if that is purely psychological. Both F and M nibs are true to size, with the F being slightly drier though still a very smooth nib. With a variety of inks they perform very well. I first put the new Petrol ink into the rose gold LX fitted with an M, and it writes very pleasantly, but only as pleasantly as a black M nib would write on a regular Al-Star.

Pretty cool, I’d say.

Your mileage may vary on this; I enjoy my two LX, but I would definitely hesitate to say they are worth what they are priced. Lamy pens do have a habit of randomly multiplying though…


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