Mystery vintage metal pen!

Exploring the world of vintage pens means you come across one or two pens put together from working parts sometimes. But this is quite something:

Smells like brass.

A pen with no brand markings on it, with a working lever that looks original, a clip that emerges undamaged from the screw cap, and a checkered pattern that runs along almost all of the barrel and cap…

No identification whatsoever!

The only marking on the body of the pen is a PAT.PEND. on the section, just under the lip of the cap when it’s capped.

Close-up of barrel, showing checkered pattern and lever.

It’s all rather strange. I bought this pen on r/pen_swap, and its previous owner had no idea where it was from either, but we both agree that the nib was amazingly flexible and the feed good enough to keep up with how much ink it can lay down.

The nib itself seems to be a generic warranted 14k nib from days of yore…

Close-up of nib, showing heart-shaped breather hole.

The feed is not finned, and if I had to guess, I would hazard a date around the 1950s. There is one notch on each side, roughly where the tine lifts off the feed when flexed.

As for the nib: the whole ensemble works so well together that it leads me to think this pen might actually not be a franken-pen! There is a slightly stubby quality to it, but it is smooth (albeit prone to some slight singing), lays down a juicy line, and flexes like nobody’s business:

Soft and squishy is my descriptor of choice!

Anyone with any clue as to the provenance of this pen? Leave a message below — I’m happy to take more photos if necessary!


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  1. From the clip, the shape, and the pattern it looks like an Eagle Never Break, though the lack of markings is puzzling.


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