Faber-Castell e-motion Pearwood

Following on from last week’s Faber-Castell another one managed to make its way into my collection:

Half a cigar?

The e-motion is a bit of a confused beast: it wants to be a metal pen, and in some of its incarnations it succeeds better at that, but the wood barrel reminds me of some of Pilot’s Vanishing Point variants. The cigar shape conflicts a little with the engineered lines of the metal and the clip looks like it deserves a more modern-looking pen. But it still manages to hold together somehow, and when you uncap the pen, you’re rewarded with one of Faber-Castell’s amazing steel nibs.

There’s space in the barrel for a second cartridge.

Like the other steel-nib offerings the e-motion is a cartridge/converter pen, but unlike the Loom, it actually comes with a converter. I’ve swapped that out to use some J. Herbin cartridges, because those little tins are absolutely adorable.

The nib on the e-motion is easily removed and swapped out for other Faber-Castell nibs, and performs admirably as expected. Smooth and juicy, no problems at all, and it wrote beautifully out of the box. The wood of the barrel helps the hand keep a nice grip on the pen, especially when (not if — this is a major gripe) the section becomes slippery during writing.

Zero problems with writing.

In fact I might swap the body for an Ambition once I stump up the cash, but otherwise, I kind of like the heaviness of this pen: since most of my pens are on the light side, it’s nice to pick up something really weighty sometimes.

As to nib swapping: the EF nib that was in last week’s review actually first arrived with this pen…


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