Pelikan M205 Amethyst

I actually bought this pen before the Stola in the previous article, but reserved it for my birthday before allowing myself the luxury of opening it. It sat in its bubble-wrap envelope in my locker at university for two whole months! The seller had very kindly included a free bottle of 4001 Blue-Black, since I had stated that it was “for a birthday”. I also ordered the Edelstein Amethyst ink from a different seller, ending up with the pen & ink set for less than RRP.

It was definitely worth the wait! It came in a small cardboard box inside a flexible white pleather case, both of which are sitting in storage now. I use the pen almost daily, so it lives in my everyday pen wrap.

What a colour.

The cap and body are made out of the same translucent deep purple resin, with rhodium-plated furniture. Pelikan’s modern M2xx series has an ink capacity of approximately 1.3ml, which is plenty, so I like to half-fill it just to watch the ink slosh around in the barrel.

It’s really satisfying.

The black finial with the silver-coloured logo fit really well with the aesthetic of the pen, lending it a very warm luxurious feel. The pen itself looks black where there are things beneath the resin anyway, like around the nib unit and parts of the piston, so this all fits within the colour scheme. (Pity the same can’t really be said about this year’s Aquamarine edition…)

There is a surprising amount of depth in the resin colour. Also, I love purple.

Many other reviewers have commented about the springiness of Pelikan’s M2xx steel nibs, and my experience was no different from theirs. My choice of EF was merely so I could get as close to a Japanese fine as possible, which is my favoured size, but the amount of tipping Pelikan puts on their modern nibs makes this EF a particularly fat one. Mine had a little baby’s bottom out of the box, but some smoothing with very fine micromesh solved that problem and now I have a smooth writer that isn’t lacking in feedback and control at all.

All in all, the M205 is one of my favourite pens. It does not feel cheap, even with its rather light weight and small size, and the writing experience is very pleasurable. One can, with some care, even get a little line variation out of the nib!

I would totally bring this around all day if I didn’t feel compelled to rotate…

Strangely, Pelikan has announced the 2018 ink of the year before the 2017 one, so it’s already known that the pen will be a deep olive-green…


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