Namiki Falcon

This was my very first major purchase, after a few Platinum Preppys and some experience using dip pens. I scoured various sites and reviews and worried about springing the nib, since r/fountainpens was, at that time, under a wave of stories about people pushing their Falcons too hard. But I had also been practising cursive and pointed-pen scripts using a Nikko G and a Brause blue pumpkin, so I thought myself up to the challenge.

And here it is!

My very first purchase!

Made of resin, it came in a soft medium nib. Having searched on eBay, I pounced on a slightly under-priced offering of an uninked NOS (new old stock) pen. I am aware that Pilot now calls them the Pilot Falcon, and the Elabo in Japan, though I can spot no difference in their nibs. My cap band does say Namiki instead of Pilot, funnily enough, and it came in a nice Namiki box.

Old enough to not be branded Pilot!

I have not tried very hard to find out how old this pen is, even though I really enjoy using it. From my varied half-hearted attempts though, I have not found anything that tells me when Pilot started using Pilot as the brand for all the lower- to middle-end pens, leaving Namiki for the top-of-the-line offerings. Anyone who has information to offer can comment below! At any rate, both the cap band and the nib have NAMIKI etched in them; PILOT is now standard on all Falcons. (Edit: I later took a 20× loupe to the nib and found B908 etched in it, right above the section. It means it was made in September 2008, on the B production line at the Hiratsuka factory.)

And boy, does it write! When I first got it, I only had a 30ml bottle of Pilot Black to fill it up with, but my ink collection has expanded somewhat since then, and this nib lays down enough juice to show up shading beautifully. (Also, the composer John Adams used this pen to autograph my score of Hallelujah Junction.)

Colour-corrected in Photoshop. I find the name Verdigris inexplicable for this colour…

Even as I continued amassing pens and inks, I never left the Falcon uninked except when washing and drying it out. It sits in my everyday carry pouch and has never lost its place to any other!

I really should memorise more pangrams.

To finish off: happy International Fountain Pen Day! There will be far more to come, as I work my way through cataloguing my collection, so stay tuned…

(Below is a link to my not-purely-pen-stuff Instagram account, which you can follow for more pen stuff!)


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  1. Nice reviews. You can tell the age of a Namiki/Pilot pen (or at least the nib) by the date on the nib itself, month and year. On some pens there’s also a letter indicating the factory. My Pilot Falcon is dated 915 (September 2015) so presumably one still branded Namiki is older than that. I believe it was just a few years ago that they changed over. I’m not sure if they’re still selling gold-trimmed ones as Namiki, but I believe all the rhodium ones have always been branded Pilot.


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